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SnippetsBox Dashboard
So, what does SnippetsBox offer on top of the classic ticket system?

Clarity like never before

Part of a team, a manager or the CEO, you have visibility over every activity in your business or team. 1 click away.
SnippetsBox - Clarity like never before

More InformedBusiness-wide birds-eye view of work in progress and other statuses

In SyncTimeline showing you past, present and future snippets statuses

AutomatedCustom workflows to streamline work between people, teams or business functions

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In the office or remote, together is powerful!

Everyone is up to speed and ready to go in real-time regardless of their location.
SnippetsBox - In the office or remote, together is powerful!

Real-timeReal-time view of who is working on what to stay aligned

One ToolTeams and members have their own private spaces, one tool for all

ContextualAssign people to a snippets and mention @people anywhere you want

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APIs to connect your world

Connect Twitter, Emails or other platforms directly to SnippetsBox to keep everything in one place.
SnippetsBox - APIs to connect your world

One platformResolve customer support incomings in one platform no matter if it’s a question, bug or new feature

Easy importAutomatically get your @mentions and #tags straight in your SnippesBox

ConnectedConnect with other services to streamline your workflowSupported services coming soon

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Wait ... there’s more!

Vertical listsFor when you have many snippets in one board

Column shortcutsCreate a shortcut or any column, anywhere you want

Column contentBetter way stay organised with content in column

Snippets quick panelQuick access to a ‘brain-dump’ area

Todo, comments, etcCustomize snippets with widgets based on your needs

Scrum/SprintsAll things sprints, no need for explanation here

Private & Public boardsKeep it in your team or share it with your client

256-bit EncryptionYou are safe. All your information is 256-bit encrypted.

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WOW 😲, this looks amazing, when can I try it?

Coming soon!

We are working towards our first release and are really excited to share our progress with you!